Local Organizing Committee

Local Organizing Committee of the Eleventh ACFEA Conference





Chair of Conference

Poon, Che Cheong

Responsible for communication with the advisory board of the ACFEA, call for papers, inviting conference guests, the balance of conference budget, seeking sponsorships, and looking over all activities of the event in order to ensure the quality ACFEA conference.

Vice Chairs of Conference

Yuen, Wai Kee

Call for papers, inviting conference guests, and looking over all activities of the event in order to ensure the quality ACFEA conference.

Members of Conference Advisory Committee

Yu, Fu Lai

(SYU VIPs, ACFEA advisory board members, ACFEA former presidents will be added to this committee.)

Honorary positions to some VIPs


Conference Secretary

Hon, Tai Yuen

To keep in files all the submissions from participants, to handle participants’ communications, to prepare the conference manual, to set up the conference programme rundown, and to keep all sub-committees’ agenda and minutes.

Conference Treasurer

Lam, Cheung

Responsible for the banking, book-keeping, record-keeping, and is the conference cashier.

Convener of Submissions Review Committee

Li, Rita Yi Man

Lee, Shu Kam

To review, provide brief comments, recommendation for acceptance or rejection of submitted conference papers and posters, and recommend papers for publishing in JFEI and JFCP special issues.

Proceedings Editorial Board

Woo, Kai Yin

Tang, Chi Ho

Assisted by student helpers, to produce the abstract book and conference proceedings CD ROM and make them available one week before the conference registration date.

Transportation and Local Tours Team

Wong, Fuk Kin

Hon, Tai Yuen

Assisted by student helpers, to arrange shuttle bus services between SYU and City Garden Hotel during conference days, and organize one sightseeing tour and one sightseeing tours in the afternoon of July 7 and 9.

Reception Team

Chu, Wan Ling

Yeung, Wai Man

Tang, Chi Ho

Tsui, Tsz Kin

Assisted by student helpers, take care of our guests and participants’ registration, accommodations and dinners: lunches; and prepare and serve simple buffet lunches and coffee & snack breaks, prepare the conference kit bags, and to entertain conference guest /participants, and take photos.

Venue Layout Team

Hon, Tai Yuen

Lam, Cheung

To decorate the venues of reception dinner at CityGarden hotel, conference halls and presentation rooms, farewell dinner at JumboKingdom, displacing posters.

Leader of Student Helpers

Cheung, Ngan Ying

Assist the Conference Chair to recruit and assign student helpers to conference working teams.