There are two airports close to Taipei City in Taiwan--Taipei Songshan Airport and Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. The former is located in Taipei City and near to our hotel, and the latter is located in Taoyuan County.


1. Some flights from China, Japan, and Korea are to Taipei Songshan Airport. If you take these flights, please take a taxi to Fullon Hotel Shenkeng after you arrive at Taipei. The taxi costs about NT$400~450 (US$13.5~15). 


2. If you will take a flight to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, there are three ways from the airport to your hotel after you arrive at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.


A. You can take a rental car from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (T.I. Airport) to Fullon Hotel Shenkeng (深坑福容大飯店,shēn- kēng-fú-róng-dà-fàn-diàn). In this case, we can help you to book a car. The car driver will show a board with your name in the airport lounge and pick you up at airport. If you need this service, please download and fill out the form, then send it back to Dr. Jr-Tsung Huang as soon as you can.【pick-up form Download】


B. You can Take a CitiAir bus from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (T.I. Airport) to Taipei City Hall Bus Station (台北市政府轉運站,tái-běi-shì-zhèng-fǔ-zhuǎn-yùn-zhàn), then take a taxi to Fullon Hotel Shenkeng. The taxi costs about NT$300-360 (US$10-12). The schedule of the CitiAir bus and route map are attached. 【Download


C. You can Take a CitiAir Bus from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (T.I. Airport) to Grand Hyatt Taipei (台北君悅大飯店,tái-běi-jūn-yuè-dà-fàn-diàn) , then walk to opposite side of Taipei 101 shopping mall to take a shuttle bus provided by Fullon Hotel Shenkeng (it is free of charge) to the hotel. This way is cheaper but more complicated than other ways. I would NOT suggest anyone who is first time visit Taiwan to use this way unless you are an adventurist. Both schedules of CitiAir Bus and shuttle bus are attached.【Download