4. Conference Manual and Program



The conference manual including the tentaive program is available. Please download it here. 【Download


The VooV Meeting Room IDs and Links for all panels are available. Please join the meeting room 5 minutes before each event starts. 




Presentation Guidelines

1. For Paper Presentation

Each presentation has 20 minutes. And please…

⚫ Please be aware of time constraints. It is VERY important to be within the timeframe so other presenters in your session have adequate time for their presentations.

⚫ Please honor the order of presentation, so attendees can plan ahead to go to other concurrent sessions.

⚫ Each session has a 10~20-minute open floor discussion.

2. For Presider

Presiders of Refereed Session will introduce each presenter of the session and lead the discussion. And please…

⚫ Please make sure each presenter will have adequate time, meaning cut the presentation that is extended over 5 minutes.

⚫ Please honor the order of presentation.

⚫ Please lead the discussion. If you like to, you can give a full review of papers, but it’s totally up to you.



The Tentative Conference Program


Time (GMT+8 Hrs) Saturday, September 12, 2020



Open Ceremony

President of ACFEA: Dr. Kaili YIEH (National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan)

President of ACES: Dr. Chin-Tan HUANG (Ming Chuan University, Taiwan)



Host: Dr. Kaili YIEH (National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan)

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Leong LIEW

Topic: Three Faces of Globalization: Obama, Trump and Xi.



Keynote Speaker: Dr. Joyce SERIDO

Topic: Household and Family Economics Scholarship: What We Know and Where WeNeed to Go


10:45-10:50 Break



Session A1 Presider: Chin-Tan HUANG              A1-1        A1-2       A1-3

Session B1 Presider: Jin-Li HU                            B1-1        B1-2       B1-3

Session C1 Presider: Kaili YIEH                           C1-1        C1-2       C1-3  



Session A2 Presider: Anoshua CHAUDHURI      A2-1        A2-2       A2-3

Session B2 Presider: Fung-Mey HUANG             B2-1        B2-2       B2-3

Session C2 Presider: Erin P.K. SO                       C2-1        C2-2       C2-3



Session A3 Presider: Jiun-Nan PAN                    A3-1        A3-2       A3-3

Session B3 Presider: Tracey WEST                     B3-1        B3-2       B3-3

Session C3 Presider: Yuantao XIE                       C3-1        C3-2       C3-3


14:50-15:00 Break



Session A4 Presider: Congmin PENG                 A4-1        A4-2       A4-3

Session B4 Presider: Longyao ZHANG               B4-1        B4-2       B4-3

Session C4 Presider: Dragana MITROVIC           C4-1        C4-2       C4-3



Session A5 Presider:  Joseph Teyu CHOU          A5-1        A5-2       A5-3

Session A5 Presider:  Tzu-Ling HUANG              B5-1        B5-2       B5-3

Session A5 Presider:  Fuzhong CHEN                 C5-1        C5-2       C5-3